Sale for Weavers, Spinners Knitters and Braiders

Sale for Weavers, Spinners Knitters and Braiders
530 W. Country Lane, KCMO
Saturday, September 26th 9:30 to 5
Sunday, September 27th 1 to 5
Gilmore loom, 8 harness, 12 treadles, sectional back beam, includes 12 & 15 dent-40” reeds, 2 lease sticks, extra heddles, adjustable-heighth bench. $850
Other items, individually priced:
Warping board 18” x 36” Sleying hooks
Warping frame – holds 60 spools for sectional warping
Tension Box Stick and boat shuttles
Penguin Quill Spinning Wheel Drop Spindle
One large and one small swift
Ball Winder Carders
Large amount of imported English rug wool & other types of yarn, also dog hair, llama hair, cotton, wool
Rug braiders, how-to book, fabric cutter, wool in strips
Numerous books on spinning, dyeing and weaving
Jan Cohen 816-942-5433