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August 14th Meeting 


Rose Room, Loose Park, KCMO

5200 Wornall Rd., KC MO 816-784-5300

10:00 AM – Regular Meeting

10:30 AM – Show & Tell / Treats

11:30 AM – Program




Inclement Weather Policy

When schools and public events are closed due to weather, the guild meeting will not be held that month.






Program News   

August - Bonnie Steele - Trichinopoly or Viking Wire Weaving
September - Leesa Duby & Hats
October - Amanda Dake - Handmade Lace
November - Member Participation Project - textiles for the home OTHER than dishtowels and napkins.
December Holiday Party

Are you planning ahead for November's meeting? Remember there will be three $25 gift certificates from Yarn Barn for the winners of three
different categories:

Beginner weaver - less than 2 years

Members choice by popular vote

Best of show chosen by the attending life time members.
This should be a hand woven article in the category of Household Textiles. Let's stretch our boundaries a bit and not include napkins and







August - Rebecca Lawrence, Tammy Taylor, Marcie Harvey

September - Michael Knotts, Linda Stoker, Lenore Hammer

October - Jeanette Campbell, Jeniffer Potts, Betty Boudreau

November - Debbie Buddish, Anita Turner, need to get one more


A housekeeping reminder – bring plates & napkins. 




Newsletter Email List

Not receiving email notifications about our monthly newsletter?  Don't be left out! Sometimes mistakes are made and contacts do not make it to the list.  Send an email to Becky Stevens to get your name added.  Please state which guild you are a member of.  Your information is never given to another party and the list is never shared with anyone.




Mary Zicafoose Tapestry Workshop

Vibrant Tapestries: Designing, Dyeing & Weaving for the WOW!

August 21-22-23, 2014

Cost: $145 (includes hand dyed silk & wool weft yarn from the instructor’s studio)

Rose Room, Loose Park, KCMO

Mary Zicafoose will share her favorite techniques and tips from two decades of tapestry & rug weaving.  Students will design and weave a contemporary weft-face sampler utilizing tapestry techniques on a harness loom.  Instruction will include tapestry, rug and weft faced ikat techniques, design & color theory, and complete steps in finishing work for exhibition and sales.  This is a very comprehensive workshop that offers technical solutions for the creative, non-loom controlled process, and inspiration for all who weave.

If you are not familiar with Mary's gorgeous weavings, please visit her website, a treat for the eyes and soul!






Help Request

The Guild has received a request from a handicap lady who lives in Independence. She has purchased a Rigid Heddle loom and wants help in learning how to use it. If anyone can help on this please let me know and I can forward you her name and phone number.
She is going to try to come to our August meeting if her friend is available to bring her. She is in a wheelchair.   ~ Betty H.





Surface Design Study Group

Loose Park Rose room

****10:30 AM - 2:30 PM****

August 19, 2014 Coordinated by Juli Sackman

Loose Park Rose Room 10:30 to 2:30

"Printing From Nature".
Here's what you will need:
The usual: Table cover, rubber gloves, paper towels, masking or duct tape,

Fabric cut to your preferred size: Celluloid (plant fiber like cotton or linen) or protein (wool, silk, etc). My book also recommends paper, wood, or terra cotta. It also suggests you wash your fabric to remove any sizing before printing.

Choose the type of ink (and mordants) that will adhere to your fabric of choice.
At Coldsnows, because I already had a few colors, I chose silk screen ink for celluloid cotton. The saleslady felt block print ink would be a little thicker, so would work better. My book recommends thick and sticky ink, ink pads, fabric paint (available at Walmart) and/or permanent markers. Only if you have the thickener we used a while back (someone brought it to Abe's Painting class?) I suspect dye would be fine as well. Notice whether your ink needs to be heat set, or if you need to pre-treat your cloth with soda ash, etc, and take care of business accordingly.

Other supplies:
Applicators: Paint brushes, dabbers -- my book suggests make up sponges. Brayers -- soft rubber for applying inks, foam for applying paints. If you want to print BIG leaves, cut foam rubber into circles and fix onto a dowel with a rubber band.
Pressing tools: For pressing your inked piece of Nature to your fabric. Hard rubber brayers, large flat spoons, dowels, rolling pins, and of course your hands.
Cover sheets: between your inked Nature and pressing tool, to keep your pressing tool clean. My book prefers newsprint (unprinted news paper) but freezer, wax or typing paper, or plastic wrap would probably work.
Palette: surface to mix colors on, to dab colors off of. Glass preferred, or a piece of Masonite with a smooth surface. For cheap folks like me, plastic plate would also work.
Pigment mixers: The book suggests, mat board cut into 1" x 2" strips, OR plastic spoon handles. Or perhaps the skewers we used in our Shaving Cream class.
Tweezers: to handle smaller bits of Nature.
Container &/or separators to carry your wet prints home (again, freezer paper, wax paper, or plastic wrap.)
Clothespins to hang your finished pieces on the railing outside, as you work on a second or third.

And finally, your bits of Nature to print (bring plenty to share, as I plan to as well):
(Flatter bits are easier than fat ones, though fat ones are possible.)
Shells. Since we don't live near an ocean, I'll only list clam and star, but if you have some and want to print them, bring it!
Grasses: Cattails, bamboo, oats, wheat.
Ornamentals: Maidenhair fern, brake fern.
Seeds: Peach stones, tree seed pods, open nuts, cut sweet gum.
Weeds: Dandelions, red clover, pepper grass (comes up in driveway cracks) gill over the ground, star of Bethlehem, queen ann's lace, shepherd's purse, sweet sour, goldenrod.
Vines: Ivy, Virginia creeper, philodendron, grape, vinca.
Flowers: Geranium, mums, buttercups, Iris (I'm sure there are more, look in your garden.)
Herbs: Sage, coriander, lavender, rosemary, thyme, dill . . .
Fruits & Veggies: all the things we used for "Playing with your Food" cabbage, celery, corn on cob (or just the cob) bean pods, tomato leaves & twigs, apple, all size citrus, pear, strawberry tops, etc.
Tree leaves & pods: Ash, aspen, beech, birch, cherry, cottonwood, dogwood, elm, evergreens, ginkgo, hawthorn, hazel, magnolia, maple, mulberry, oak, osage, red bud, river bark, poplar, sassafras, sweet gum, sycamore, tulip poplar, walnut, willow.
Odds and Ends: Crushed egg shells, cinnamon sticks, feathers. String can create a vine for your leaves and flowers, or can bundle up to make a flower. I'll bring pictures.

Happy gathering! See you in class, August 19.





Guild Brochures

Are you participating in a solo or group show? Doing some demos at fairs and art sales? If you would like to hand out some Weavers Guild brochures, just ask Leesa Duby for some at the next Guild meeting!






Weaving Tip of the Month

By Lolly Buxton

Marking Heddles:

Sometimes it is easy to loose track of how many heddles you need on each harness. To make counting easier, put a dab of red nail polish on every tenth heddle. Then just slide the amount needed to the center.

Measure as you Weave :

I often make my warps long enough for two or more scarves and need to measure my weaving as I go. If my scarf is to be sixty inches long, I cut a piece of sturdy string about sixty one inches. Weave a few rows of tabby or how ever you start. Then run a long pin in and out at the beginning and wind the extra inch of your string around the pin. I usually do this at the edge, but you can put in the center if you want. Roll up the string and set it on your fabric as you weave. Let it out as you roll onto the beam and repeat until you run out of string . Cut a new string for the next scarf and so on.

September Cheryl Davis
October Leesa Duby
November Ron Hutchinson





Photos, Photos, Photos!

Check here for photos from last month's meeting. 






Community Service Project

We are continuing our support of Michael by providing acrylic yarn for the Afghans he crochets for charity.


Sunflower House Mission: to protect children in our community from physical and sexual abuse through education, advocacy, forensic and medical services.
We are collecting items listed on the Sunflower House's wish list to help this non-profit organization meet their children's many needs. You may bring the items to any of the Weavers Guild meetings, Surface Design Study Groups or deliver them to Lynette Beebe's home (please call first). You will find her phone number and address in the guild directory. Those of you who would rather create gift items for the children than purchase gifts could knit, crochet, or weave hats, gloves, or mittens. Please remember, all items must be new.
Wish List
Gift Cards (Increments of $10, $15, $20 preferred)• Wal-Mart, Target• Pharmacies (Walgreens, CVS)• Fast food (McDonald’s, Subway, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, etc.)
• Grocery stores• Gas stations• Shoes (Payless, etc.)• Home Depot and Lowe’s (to help with our facility maintenance or family needs)
• Other hardware or landscaping stores (to help with our facility maintenance)
Great Room
• Spanish Language DVD’s and Books for children and teens • Facial Tissues • Crayons
• Book shelf/bin
• Individually wrapped snacks: crackers, cookies, chips, Fruit roll-ups, etc. • Juice boxes/pouches
• Bottled water • Soda (for parents and partners)
Miscellaneous (All items must be NEW)
• Sweat suits or tee/short sets for girls and boys (ages 3-17).• Socks/Underwear (girls and boys ages 3-17)• American Flags• Recordable DVDs
• Slim CD/DVD Cases• AAA Batteries• Copy Paper, 8.5 X 11

Gloves, Mittens, Hats
Sunflower House is a 501 c 3 charitable organization and all donations are tax deductible.





Our library is available for members to check out and return books 1/2 hour before the start of the meeting and then again after the meeting/program.  Please do not do library business during the meeting.  Whatever books are returned that day may also be checked out that same day.  If you would like a particular book we have, please email Abe or call a few days ahead of the meeting date, and we will bring the book for you.  

Abe Buddish reported the library had two new books donated: one on Tamari balls (with not one word of English) and one on the extraordinary in the ordinary.








If you need a mentor or are willing to help a guild member, please contact Christy Berry @ bearandsprout@yahoo.com.  


August Calendar


August 14th

10 am - Weavers Guild Meeting

Rose Room, Loose Park, KCMO

5200 Wornall Rd., KC MO 816-784-5300

August 13th

7 PM - Fiber Guild Meeting

Old Mission United Methodist Church

5519 State Park Road, Fairway, KS




Other News





Fiber Art Exhibit

MATERIAL PLEASURES, an exhibition of fiber art will open August 10 and run through September 6, 2014 at the Orr Street Studios gallery space in Columbia, MO. Participating artists are: Bonnie Ahrens, Rebecca Douglas, Janet Ghio, Laurie Harper, Ann Mcginity, Barbara Overby, Carol Ann Parker, Debbie Prost, Amy Schomaker, Vicki Smith, Leandra Spangler, Jo Stealey, Ruth Walker, Jennifer Wax, Vicki Weaver and Carol Zeman.

Leandra Spangler, curator of the exhibition, selected exemplars of contemporary fiber art using traditional techniques: hand embroidery, wet felting, basketry, collage, folded paper, paper sculpture.

Orr Street Studios
106 Orr Street
Columbia, MO 65201
Gallery hours: 12-3pm Thursday, Friday, Saturday; 10am-1pm Sunday

ARTIST RECEPTION: Friday, August 15, 6-8pm





Felting Study Group

The Felt Study Group (Felt Makers Federation of Kansas City) will be featured at the Artisan Gallery, September 12 – October 7th.  There will be a wide range of felt items including a display of the group’s morphology of a hat or “What could you do with a Stetson Hat blank?”

Come support your fellow Guild members.  Opening reception is 4 – 8 pm on Friday, September 12, The Artisan Art Gallery, 451 S. Thompson Ave., Excelsior Springs, MO 64024, 816.637.2111.

The Felting Study Group is comprised of members of the Weavers Guild and Fiber Guild.  Members of both guilds can join, there are no fees.  We pick a felting technique each month to explore, then meet at a member's house and share.  We're a small but dedicated group. 

The next meeting is August 30th, 10:30am. at the home of Judy Santner.

For more info on the Felting Study Group contact:

Judy Santner, Becky Stevens, or Carol Ann Parker.





Sock Machine Knitting and Weaving Classes

Amsterdam mo August 22 - 24


Sock machine knitting learn lace, cables and fancy heals with Sue McCulloch Vunesky Friday afternoon Saturday and Sunday morning $30.00.  Jeff Reynolds, weaving of your choice class Friday afternoon Saturday and Sunday morning $70.00.  Room and main course food Friday evening, Saturday breakfast lunch and dinner, Sunday breakfast and lunch $60.00.
Will post the menu later. Bring deserts and snack food if you want. Pay the room and food $60 by August 1st so I can get a count and buy food, you can send the total amount for teacher’s fees at this time if you like then I can have cash for the teachers. If you want to pay the teachers fee at the workshop I will only take cash so the teachers can be paid in cash for the weekend.  There is room to just come and enjoy the weekend, the pool will be open. As in the past any extra money I have will be donated to Kamp Keirsey to send children to camp

Mary Limpus






Art & Soul in the Midwest

Barrie is working with me to help promote Art & Soul in the Midwest and I would personally like to invite you to join us next year. We have such a great time! The art and camaraderie combination is the best therapy on the planet. I do hope you will email me for further information and check us out on the website: www.artandsoulretreat.com

We have a special for early registration – 10% discount on classes if you register before August 1. And we take payments! What could be a better gift for yourself looking forward to meeting you!

Glenny Moir      glennymoir@gmail.com

Art & Soul Retreats

Kansas City, MO – March 20-23, 2014





Buffalo River Gallery in Parkville, Mo

We would love to have some weavers work to display and sell.  Also have studio space available and would love to have artists work there. The business is set up as a coop.





Save the Date - Midwest Weavers Conference 2015

Urban Fiber with a Minnesota Twist June 18-20, 2015 University of St Thomas, St. Paul Minnesota

Dues need to be paid this year. The application is on their website. You need to submit your membership by October to receive the hardcopy conference booklet for 2015.














Newsletter Submissions

Newsletter items are due by the 20th of each month. Send an email to the Newsletter Editor.  If you are the contact person for a fiber group and want to keep current with KCWG events, please e-mail the Guild Webmaster.

Send newsletter items to the Newsletter Editor:



c/o Mary Limpus

Rt 1 Box 137      

Amsterdam, Mo 64723(660) 267-3341






Buy Sell or Trade

Looking for weaving equipment items for sale or trade?

Go to the Classified Ads







Meeting 2nd Thursday Each Month





Meetings are held at the *Rose Room, Loose Park 5200 Wornall Rd., KC MO


Go to the Map and directions

9:30 AM

Coffee Time/Set Up

10:00 AM

Business Meeting

10:30 AM

Show & Tell

11:00 AM

Treat Break/Social Time

11:30 AM

Program (1 hour)














Guild Window Stickers

We still have window stickers for sale.  These stick right on the inside of your car window.  At $5.00 a piece you can afford more than one!  It's a great way to support and advertise the guild.  Contact Carolyn Budd to arrange a purchase.

Please support these Guild members!

Cottage Fiber Logo yarn913.403.WOOL (9665) • info@cottagefiber.com

Come and visit the Kansas Fiber Works in Ottawa!

Kansas Alpaca Logo

3510 Kentucky Road
Ottawa, KS 66067

Open 7 days/week
Mon.-Sat. 9:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.
Thurs. til 8:00 p.m.
Sun. 1:00-4:00 p.m.

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